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Tick! Tick! Tick! Tong!

As time ticks by, the world moves on

Moments slip away, like raindrops in the dawn

The years, they come, and they go

And life continues to ebb and flow

The hands on the clock keep turning round

Marking moments forever bound

Memories, they fade, and passions wane

And life, it's never quite the same

A baby's cry, laughter on the breeze

A lover's kiss, a sunset over seas

Moments that we hold so dear

Are but memories, as time draws near

Days becoming weeks, then months, and years

Hopes and dreams changing, allaying our fears

What once was young, turns gray and old

And we learn to cherish, the stories told

Life's journey has its twists and turns

Lessons learned and some never learned

But as time passes, we must stay strong

And live our lives, right or wrong

For time may pass, but memories stay

A testament to love, each and every day

So cherish each moment and live it right

For time moves forward, no matter what's in sight.

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