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The crime on the street

A crime so heinous, so vile, so cruel

It strikes a dagger through my heart

My mind races, my stomach churns

As the horror tears my soul apart

The streets were quiet, the night so still

When the shadows came alive

A figure crept through the alleyway

And took more than we could survive

Innocent lives were torn apart

A mother, father, and child

Their love and memories left to rot

In a world that had gone so wild

The screams were loud, the silence deafening

As the horror carved its way

Through hearts and minds of those who felt

The pain that we still feel today

The culprit, nowhere to be found

A ghost among the mass

A shadow still haunting our every thought

As we pray that justice will come at last

For crimes like this, there is no rhyme

No justice that can be done

Only sorrow and a promise made

To never forget the one

Whose life was taken in such a way

That left us all so numb

For the crime that tore apart our hearts

Will never be undone

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