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Family by my side

The year is 2070. The world is on fire, and the rain won't fall.

The sun has gone away, and it's all our fault. Climate change has ravaged the earth, and we're all being punished for it. Every year, people get sicker and sicker because they can't breathe clean air anymore. Food shortages are rampant, as farmers have no way to grow crops without rain. And every time an airship flies overhead, I hold my breath in case it falls from the sky and crushes me beneath its weight.

Every day I pray for the rain to come back—even though I know it probably never will—so that things can go back to normal again. But instead of praying for what's missing in my life, maybe this is a good time for me to be grateful for what I do have: food on my table, clothes on my back (even if they aren't as colorful as they used to be), shelter over my head… and most importantly: family by my side every single day!

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